Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer


Xiamen TAWA Enterprice CO.,LTD was founded on friendship and an undeniable belief in the nature. Originally known for our iconic patterns in signature cotton and now for our fresh end energetic style. We're devoted to creating innovative designs, full of thoughtful details and pops of color that make every day a little more special.

The partnership leverages the experience and relationships that the community members have with a variety of government and business organizations, which help inform TAWA about important outdoor initiatives and campaigns in the industry.

Main Customers and suppliers

We would like to give our thanks to all the customers that have already found the way to our company. In almost two decades of our business we have gained the trust of many global recognized brands, such us companies displayed around.

All of our products characterized by excellent manufacturing and high-quality materials. Our suppliers are experienced partners with long successful history on the market, producing only high standards of materials.